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Kilbehenny National School


Co Limerick


Tel:  025/84337

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Rules & Policies


Children cannot remember long lists of rules. Our school rules provide clear guidelines for members of our school community and pupils, as to what type of behaviour is expected within our school.

A list of class rules is devised by both class teacher and pupils and are discussed regularly to ensure everyone knows them.


Our Golden Rules

· No Rough Play

· Work Hard

· Get along with everyone


School Policies

The following policies are in place in our school and are available upon request:

· Enrolment Policy

· Child Protection Policy

· Code of Behaviour

· Anti-Bullying Policy

· Fire drill and Evacuation Policy

· Safety Statement

· Attendance Policy

· Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Usage

· Learning Support Policy

· Healthy Lunch Policy

· Homework Policy

· Assessment & Reporting Policy